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Spiral Mixers

High-quality dough for commissaries, bakeries and large pizzerias.

Spiral Product

Quick Facts

  • Designed specifically for the unique, high-quality dough needs of commissaries, bakeries and large pizzerias
  • Available in two sizes: 81.6-kg and 99.7-kg bowls
  • It speeds up the mixing process, increasing mix consistency, decreasing oxidation
  • With its two speeds and programmable timers, it puts you in control
  • Will operate only when the protective wire cover is lowered

Hobart mixers deliver.

For almost a century, Hobart planetary mixers—led now by our flagship Legacy® mixer—have been the most popular mixers in the industry. One of the main reasons for their popularity among chefs and master bakers has been the consistent speeds and mixes Hobart mixers deliver. Of course, Hobart’s longevity is legendary, with many customers relating how their mixers have performed for them for years and even decades.

Now you can get all this consistency of mix and speeds, longevity and reliability in a horizontal design—Hobart’s new 81.6-kg and 99.7-kg spiral mixers. Designed specifically for the unique, high-quality dough needs of commissaries, bakeries and large pizzerias, this is the spiral mixer you’ve been waiting for.

Air and dough simply don’t mix.

For the master baker, chef or cook making donuts, bagels, pizzas, flour tortillas, cookies or English muffins—to name just a few popular items—air and dough just don’t mix. If oxidation is not controlled, the quality of your dough is compromised, and even a master chef or baker can’t make great product out of inferior dough.

At Hobart, we take mixing very seriously. Thousands and thousands of chefs and bakers rely on the precise mixing speeds of their Hobart mixers every day. In spiral mixers, this precision is perhaps even more critical because of the danger of oxidation. To control oxidation and create a more consistent mix, Hobart mixers speed up the process with the combined action of the spinning dough hook and the rotating bowl. The ingredients mix faster, limiting oxidation, and generate a superior quality dough.

The master’s touch: Control of mix consistency.

Hobart’s spiral mixers are designed to give you maximum control over the mixing of your dough. The mixers’ two speeds have programmable timers, so that chefs and bakers can control the process even when they’re not personally monitoring it.

With Hobart’s spiral mixers, you can also exercise direct manual control, letting your own experience and expertise determine when the dough is correctly mixed.

Defining flexibility: Constantly changing directions.

With its ability to rotate in both directions, the bowl of the Hobart spiral mixers improves mix consistency, ease of use and ease of cleaning. Rotating in both directions in the work cycle accelerates the mixing of ingredients in the dough.

Removing the dough and cleaning the bowl are both facilitated by enabling the operator to position the bowl wherever those tasks can be performed most efficiently.

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