Dual Temps

Traulsen’s Dual-Temperature models combine two different equipment types into a single cabinet footprint. 

Dual Temp Product

Quick Facts

  • INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor control for precise temperature maintenance
  • Designed for maximum storage capacity
  • Balanced self-contained refrigeration system to keep food fresh and safe

Precise temperature control.

Available in either refrigerator/freezer or refrigerator/hot-food holding configurations, these models include separate controls for operating each storage compartment. The standard operating temperatures are 1.1°C to 3.3°C for the refrigeration units; -17.7°C to -15°C for the freezer; and 48.8°C to 82.2°C for the hot-food holding cabinets.

Easy to operate.

The INTELA-TRAUL microprocessor control system makes operation simple with a three-digit LED display, Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scale display capability and an RS485 data port that can be connected to a network. There are audiovisual alarms for Hi/Lo cabinet temperature, Door Open, Clean Condenser, Evaporator Coil Failure, Discharge Line Sensor Failure and Power Supply Interruption.