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From our founding as an electric motor company in Troy, Ohio, to our position today as the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial food equipment, we’ve been committed to excellence in design, engineering and manufacturing. That excellence, combined with our inspiration to serve others, has translated into worldwide adoption of Hobart equipment and service by chefs, cooks and commercial food operators who are not only passionate about creating great food, but are inspired by the people they serve and come to know on a daily basis.

Hobart opened its doors on July 20, 1897, with the idea that electric motors could improve the efficiency and consistency of hand-powered kitchen equipment, like coffee mills and meat grinders, by introducing power to food production. In short order, we expanded into the manufacturing of mixers, where Hobart quality and performance has set the standard ever since.

From the mid-1920s through the 1940s, Hobart continued to expand its product offerings with the production of commercial dishwashers, electric slicers, larger and more durable mixers, choppers, meat saws and food scales. Hobart even participated in the war effort, manufacturing high precision instruments and ordinance items for the U.S. military to use during World War II.

Now, 120 years later, we’re still committed to creating food equipment that makes kitchens more productive and efficient while bringing out the best that cooks, chefs and caterers have to offer. Customers witness it in their kitchens every day when they use our many ENERGY STAR® certified equipment models, our best-in-class dishwashers, food prep equipment, cooking equipment and weigh wrap offerings, or get help from our factory-trained service network – the only nationwide network dedicated to commercial food equipment installation and maintenance.

Hobart’s 120-year dedication to supporting commercial and institutional foodservice and food retail professionals will continue for years to come. We will continue to manufacture premium equipment food professionals can trust, backed by the largest, most experienced service network. Our vision is to be the recognized leader in premium food equipment and service through customer-driven innovation, product and industry expertise, best-in-class equipment, superior customer care and operational excellence—in short, to be a name people know, trust and look forward to working with. We aim to exceed expectations wherever we go – now, and 120 years into the future.

To learn more about the history of Hobart, visit our About Us.

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