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We support our customers when and where it counts. With five branches, 32 satellite offices and 110 factory-trained service representatives across the country, we’re always close by to install, maintain and service your equipment.

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Service Technician Repairing Range


We’re within 100 kilometres of 95% of our service customers. Only Hobart can provide such blanket coverage because we’re the premier equipment manufacturer with five branch and 32 satellite offices and 110 factory-trained service technicians.

Warehouses on Wheels

Hobart has put $2 million into our service vans for parts alone, focusing on the parts our technicians need most often. Nationwide service centres cover the other $3 million of parts, and the Hobart National Distribution Centre can typically overnight whatever you need.

Local Service, National Programs.

If you require service over a broad geographic area, Hobart is your single point of contact. We coordinate the service calls for you through our national computer network. Any time of the week, day or night, technicians factory-trained on both Hobart and other major brands are on call for you.

Plumbing Parts


There are a lot of parts that you might need in an emergency: Genuine Hobart, Baker’s Aid, Baxter, Adamatic, Lucks, Vulcan, or Wolf. Luckily, we stock a lot of parts. More than 35,000 — that’s $36 million worth — are in stock at our National Distribution Centre, ready for overnight shipping.

We also stock thousands of parts locally, based on market demand.

Add to that the $2 million worth of parts on board our fleet of service trucks, and the $3 million more of parts at our offices around the country, and you probably get the picture. And the part.

Oven Installation


Hobart’s unique installation capability lets us provide outstanding installation support throughout the entire Canadian market, enhancing the value of our equipment for national chains, food retailers, dealers/distributors, and customers alike. Only Hobart has the ability to ramp up staff and production, delivery and installation of food equipment without downtime and within a required timeframe, regardless of the scale of the job.

Rapid Rollout Installation

Hobart is the only company capable of ramping up to meet an aggressive new mass product rollout, technology upgrade or replacement schedule for national retailers. With the resources to immediately enhance our manufacturing capability while maintaining superior quality standards, we have the capability to build and deliver the needed products when our clients need them. Hobart’s dedicated service network supports installation across the nation to ensure the affected stores can continue to operate with no downtime. Hobart then applies economies of scale to add value through vendor efficiencies and service economics.

  • Well-planned pilots to determine best overall rollout process with related scripts and documentation.
  • Established best practices to address major issues in complicated rollouts.
  • Nationwide service organization ensures rollout consistency across geographies.
  • Comprehensive rollout IT support, managing networking, software, firmware, encryption, cabling, documentation/scripting and more.

Partnering with Foodservice Dealers and Distributors

Hobart’s service organization can serve as a backup or alternative installer for those dealers/distributors with in-house installation crews. Our primary focus on the “replacement” market allows dealers/distributors to target their in-house resources on the more complex new construction and major remodel market.

Single Contact Point

When Hobart is involved in every aspect of the equipment start-up, life is simpler for both the dealer/distributor and customer. All information is easily obtained from one accountable source, and issues are quickly resolved.

Trained Technicians

Our service technicians have been specially trained to install Hobart equipment. With better technical knowledge and access to special tools, proper documentation, and technical support, they can identify and resolve potential problems on the spot.

Assured Compliance with Machine Specifications

Because our company designs and manufactures the equipment, we can ensure that all Hobart equipment installations are completed per the latest specifications and up-to-date technical information.

Nationwide Installation Capability

We provide equipment staging and installation programs through 5 branch and 32 satellite offices. Whether you’re in a large metro area or small rural town, you never have to worry about coordinating the equipment installation.

Flexible Scheduling

Hobart service will work with you to schedule installations during time periods that minimize disruption of normal foodservice operations.

Minimized Freight Claims

A Hobart service technician is in the best position to recognize if a component part or accessory is missing during installation. If a part or accessory is required, the technician can access parts from his service van or local inventory to quickly resolve the problem without freight shortage claims, paperwork, or extra coordination.

Water Treatment Equipment


The productivity and operational costs of your water-fed equipment are directly affected by the quality of the water that feeds them. Even minor water issues can create major problems.


Water-fed equipment requiring high temperatures create a friendly environment for scale, which inhibits heat energy transfer. Just 1/8-inch of scale buildup can increase energy bills by 20% or more.


Corrosion can be caused by low pH, chlorine, chlorides, iron deposits and dissolved gases. Corrosion shortens your equipment’s life as it eats away at tanks, temperature probes, water level probes and heating elements.


Chlorine spoils the taste of coffee, tea and all other water-based drinks. When heated, it forms a gas that can corrode boiler tanks and steam generators.

Service Technician And Customer


A Smart Way to Protect Your Equipment

You’ve invested in quality equipment that is vital to your business—and service contracts represent a smart way to protect your investment. A fixed annual fee provides comprehensive service support on your equipment and creates many strong advantages in your business.

Financial Advantage

Predictable service costs are a real plus—a fixed-line item in your budget. Greater peace of mind results when you’re protected against potentially expensive equipment failures—we take that risk for you at Hobart. Protect yourself against potentially expensive equipment failures—lock in future service at current prices—and save money by processing fewer service invoices.

Performance Advantage

Properly maintained equipment will last years longer and experience less downtime—leading to increased operator profits and enhanced productivity. Equipment tends to be much better maintained while under contract—minor repairs and basic preventive maintenance are performed before small problems have a chance to become large problems. Professional and timely equipment maintenance doesn’t cost—it pays!

Service Advantage

And you get quality service from Hobart, widely regarded as the premier service organization in our industry.

What do you get with a standard Hobart service contract?

  • Fixed annual service cost
  • Replacement parts*
  • Service labour*
  • Travel*
  • Flexible payment terms

Service Contract Program

Fixed Cost

Achieve peace of mind with your repair budget:

  • Assures fixed annual maintenance costs
  • Prices provided by your local Hobart office
  • Equipment certification may be required

Replacement Parts

All component parts are replaced as needed:

  • No charge. Unlike other servicers, Hobart contracts cover replacement parts*
  • Genuine factory parts ensure durability/performance
  • Computerized parts locator service available nationwide
  • Excludes accessories, attachments, and expendable items (e.g., saw blades, warewasher curtains/racks, fryer baskets, etc.)

Service Labour

All service labour is provided by qualified technicians*:

  • No charge during regular business hours (Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm)
  • Overtime service at reduced rates


All technician travel to the customer site is provided at no charge*:

  • Within 100 kilometres of the Hobart office or satellite
  • During regular business hours – 8am to 5pm

Flexible Payment Terms

Hobart service contract customers have the option to pay in a single annual lump sum or in multiple installments for a slight administrative fee:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annually

Cut costly downtime with Hobart Prosurance™

Ensure your equipment gets the proper maintenance it needs to stay up and running when it matters most.

Save money, save time and enjoy peace of mind with:

  • The next level of care from Hobart Service
  • Predictable service fees;
    • No Charge for Genuine Hobart OEM parts
    • No charge for labour 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • No travel charge within 100 km from your local Hobart Service office
  • Expert preventative care delivered by Hobart certified technicians during scheduled Proactive Maintenance Visit

Customized Coverage Options

A contract can be tailored to your exact needs and priced based on the level of service provided—one machine or many—one location or many.

No one in the industry is as close to their customers.

We’re within 100 kilometres of 95% of our customers. We have 5 branch and 32 satellite offices and 110 service technicians. We stock our Hobart service vans with $2 million in parts, so traditionally 75% of the time we can solve your problem on the first call. When we don’t have a part in the van, we can typically overnight it from our National Parts Distribution Centre, which houses 35,000 separate parts. And we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you have to do is call.

* Per Hobart Service Contract Terms and Conditions.

Contact Hobart Service

We support our customers when and where they need it most. In the field or at their foodservice operation. Should your request be urgent requiring immediate assistance, please contact Hobart Service at 1-800-444-4764. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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