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When it comes to mixing doughs, sauces and other ingredients, not every independent restaurant has the same needs — and budgets are often limited. But that doesn’t mean owners and chefs have to sacrifice quality or performance. You need mixing power you can rely on to get the job done. For kitchens with fewer hours of mixing time each day and multiple applications, the Centerline™ by Hobart HMM20 Standard Heavy-Duty Mixer provides just the right amount, along with a host of other benefits.

  1. Affordability. The Centerline 20-quart mixer delivers the high-quality results independent restaurant owners and chefs pride themselves on, at an affordable price — especially compared to new, used or refurbished competitive 20-quart mixer models. That means you can have the peace of mind of owning a new mixer and the confidence of it being back by the Hobart name. Even if your kitchen budget is small, you don’t have to compromise.
  2. Reliability. Being able to serve your customers your unique dishes requires a mixer you can depend on. You shouldn’t have to worry if it will perform when and how you need it — Hobart designed the Centerline mixer to be rugged and reliable. It features a 1/2-hp motor and all-gear, 3-speed transmission, so you get power and quality construction for consistent performance and a long life.
  3. Versatility. For independent restaurants with smaller kitchens, having single-purpose machines doesn’t fit the budget or the available space. The Centerline mixer offers flexibility in one piece of food prep equipment. From whipping egg whites to mixing dough and grinding meat, you can get the job done easily. Just choose from a variety of agitators and attachments to support your busy kitchen.
  4. Functionality. Independent restaurants need a mixer that provides real functionality that can help make the kitchen more efficient. The Centerline mixer includes features like a digital timer with Last Time Remind™ that automatically recalls the last mixing time used, making it simple for you to mix multiple batches of the same recipe.
  5. Usability. Complicated equipment can slow down your food prep — and time is at a premium in most kitchens. Having a mixer that is easy for staff members (especially less experienced ones) to use can help keep service running smoothly and efficiently. The Centerline mixer has been designed for everyone, with features like the GearSafe™ System. This protects the mixer from damage if someone changes speeds when it is in use.

Hobart also included features to support operator assurance, like its exclusive Triple Interlock System — this prevents the mixer from operating unless you put the bowl fully up, lock it in place and secure the bowl guard.

Learn more about the Centerline HMM20 Standard Heavy-Duty Mixer or watch the training video.

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