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The goal for every restaurant operator is to have a reliable operation that keeps their kitchen running smoothly and efficiently. Equipment downtime can lead to kitchen disasters, customer complaints, and costly service calls. Hobart’s new TechConnect technology helps reduce service call time and cost by quickly identifying issues and solutions to get your equipment operating again.

How It Works 

TechConnect allows technicians to communicate with AM16 and AMTL dishwashers using a laptop and a USB cable. The technician can see the machine through its control board to capture machine data, see error codes, and review event history. They can also control the machine from the interface to test various components and document how the machine is affected.

The TechConnect Advantage

  • Real Time Analysis. Real time monitoring of how the machine is operating allows technicians to find issues quickly and make sure it is running at full efficiency. Technicians can toggle components on and off while observing the changes in the machine’s performance, making it easier to diagnose issues.
  • Quicker Troubleshooting & Repair. The data and accessibility help the technicians troubleshoot your machine and gain a high understanding of what is required to resolve the issues. Technicians can quickly review the machine settings, error codes, and event history in one interface to get your machine back up and operating.
  • Reduced Downtime. Technicians can complete your service calls quickly, reducing service costs and equipment downtime, making a big impact on your bottom line while keeping your kitchen running in peak condition.
  • Get a Head Start on Service Calls. With the complementary Hobart SmartConnect app, you can request service callbacks and submit errors codes and serial numbers for review prior to the service call, so technicians can start troubleshooting before they are even on-site.


Be sure to partner with a trusted food equipment service professional for your equipment maintenance.
They will be key to preventing downtime and keeping your kitchen open.


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