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Hobart invented the mixer in 1908. We’ve been reinventing it ever since.

Hmm10 Mixer

Centerline™ by Hobart 10-Quart Mixer

The Centerline™ 10 quart mixer has an all-gear transmission, digital timer and sleek contemporary look. It’s designed for kitchens that need a reliable, better-performing machine, helping you accomplish all you need to!

Centerline 20 Quart Mixer

Centerline™ by Hobart 20-Quart Mixer

A perfect fit for kitchens that depend on a commercial mixer for multiple applications, have limited batch use and operate a mixer for shorter periods of time.

N50 mixer

Hobart N50 5-Quart Mixer (5.6 Liters)

A small commercial mixer that measures up to big standards.

legacy countertop mixer

Hobart Legacy+® Commercial Countertop Mixers

Available in both 12-quart and 20-quart models, the Legacy+ countertop mixers are ideal for operations with limited kitchen space.

legacy floor mixer

Hobart Legacy+® Floor Mixers

We have the right sized mixer for the job. The Legacy+ floor mixers come in several sizes including 30-quart, 40-quart, 60-quart, 80-quart and 140-quart models.

legacy pizza mixer

Hobart Legacy+® HL662 Pizza Dough Mixer

A pizza dough mixer with a heavy-duty, variable speed motor, designed to create great pizza dough.

spiral mixer

Hobart Spiral Mixers

Hobart’s spiral mixers are designed to gently knead doughs – perfect for Artisan breads, pastries and Neapolitan pizza dough.

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