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Heat. Learn. Adapt.

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IBEX digital oven
IBEX digital oven
  • Patented Solid State Radio Frequency – Precision heating technology with unparalleled speed, lifespan, and reliability
  • Closed-Loop Heat Intelligence™ – Real-time, adaptive heat-sensing system
  • True-Signature Cooking™ – Heating algorithms designed for custom menus and common kitchen operations
  • Anywhere Ventless™ – Technology Certified-ventless cooking capability
  • 2-Tap Start – Intuitive, operational speed and capability to store up to 600 recipes
  • Easy-Connect™ – Ability to program, upload or transfer recipes
  • Two-level Full Batch – Capacity For cooking large batches or multiple dishes simultaneously
  • IN and OUT Cooking – No time wasted waiting for one dish to finish before starting the next

Introducing true digital cooking in a commercial oven.

Until now, cooking has been a one-way street, blindly pushing heat and energy into your food with no feedback, resulting in hot and cold spots. The IBEX rapid-cook oven changes the game, engaging food in a real-time culinary conversation as it Heats, Learns and Adapts™ to deliver delectable, consistent results. IBEX brings proven solid-state RF technology to the commercial kitchen for the first time. And because the IBEX high-speed oven is preprogrammed for your exact menu, you’ll get consistently delicious results every time.

IBEX display sample

See how the IBEX high-speed oven goes beyond convection cooking.

Is IBEX right for your bakery/café?

Your customers are craving high-quality baked goods. Flaky, buttery pastries, a muffin that’s still warm or desserts that feed their sweet tooth.

Use your IBEX oven to quickly bake:
Perfect pastries, Whole pans of muffins, Fresh breads & Cupcakes by the dozen

Is IBEX right for your restaurant?

Only the IBEX oven can deliver a delicious full-menu experience that keeps up with the quick-turn demands of your customers and your operation.

You’ll use IBEX to quickly deliver:
Chicken and veggie flatbread, Pretzel dogs, Toasted panini & Chicken breast to perfection.

Is IBEX right for your hotel?

From café-style breakfast fare to late-night room service, IBEX will help you meet your customers’ demands for a wide variety of food any time of day.

You’ll use IBEX to quickly serve:
Personal frittata, Salmon filet, Roasted asparagus & Brussel sprouts.

How fast is IBEX? Let’s look at the numbers.


The Industry’s First Solid State Radio Frequency Oven


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